5 Best Surplus Rifles Under $500

Today we discuss 5 (or 6) great military surplus rifles that can be had for under $500. Sometimes you need to take a break from modernity to get a whole new great shooting experience!

Guns in this video:
Lee Enfield
Mauser 98
Swiss K31
MAS 49/56
Mosin Nagant
Type 56

Please watch: “H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle Overview”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzsoHeOgySA


  1. Apparently anything modified by Century Arms is bad according to sofrep.com. Now one thing I did notice, and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the almost 3 million people that have seen this video, but some of these guns are hard to find.

  2. Can you put a scope on it?

  3. "reasonably accurate" bro, you have to be trying to miss with one of those. (At least when you get used to the trigger)

  4. I prefer the Mosin, it's done me well this far

  5. I want a k98k ( ive always called it just the kar ) becuase i love the smoothness of the bolt and the sight as well as the safety system so it just suits me since id always use it in video games tho so it grew to be something id pick at the range not becuase its in the third reich

  6. Old Kar98's rule. I just restored an old family one and wow its like a 12 gauge on roids! All original and near 100 years old and still shoots perfectly. The force it hits with is like being punched in the nose! Warzawa , old reparation stuff from WWI. IMO, they can ban all the AR's they want, Ill stick to the guns that require skill. I cant imagine running around Europe with a Kar98 slung over my shoulder, what the hell happened to men? lmao

  7. I really like my Mosin Nagant. It is a sweet gun!

  8. The mad minute is not needed to be proved it is fact the germans often reported being attacked by machine guns in WW1 when infact it was riflemen and a guy in the army has the world record so its not even debateable 🙂

  9. Can you send me dealer names where can I get them. Thank you. I did enjoyed it.

  10. I always feel a bit weird about people who collect memorabilia from infamous regimes like the third reich or the confederacy. Not as far as guns but stuff like uniforms and banners, pins, whatnot. Like, if someone starts drawing swastikas in my town those are the first guys I'm gonna suspect.

  11. Where can i find these surplus weapons? I’m having a hard time besides mosin and Mauser

  12. Good luck finding an Sks for that price now only ones I've found around me they want more than you can buy a new ak for

  13. We used to be able to buy Lismore armory SMLE's by the box load, still wrapped in grease paper for a song here in Oz. .303 British rounds cost pennies a shot, although the surplus auctions would mix up the rounds in the lots, so you sometimes got old corrosive primers and even Vickers machine gun rounds that were too hot for the Lee-Enfield. Sadly, those inexpensive days are long gone.

  14. My mosin came in a package at a gun show. 200 bucks for a good condition gun, cleaning kit, shoulder strap, leather ammo puches with belt loops, 40 rounds, bayonet….and last but not least….a copy of enemy at the gates…..sold.

  15. my sks takes the same clip as my ak 47 i paid 29.00 for it and the ak came from vietnam war my cus brought it back 0ne piece at a time

  16. Wanted a Kar98 since forever. One of the most beautiful guns I've ever seen despite what it was used for.

  17. Here in germany (bitterfeld) you get a Mauser 98 for 40€. little bit about 42$?

  18. Lol in canada you can get russian surplus ones from the 50's for under $250 cad, and most of them are in really good condition. The chinese ones can be had for like $75.

  19. Sks is way better choice then the garbage rod

  20. There arguing over those piece of shit Russian rifles and I have no idea why. The days of rednecks buying those garbage rifles for under 100 bucks is OVER.. So with that being said I wouldnt get either of those rifles and go with the Mauser

  21. the mad minuet is a real thing i have done it and so have my corporal

  22. Making me go too tears… 2 years later almost all of these are all over $500 now…

  23. The K31 is a great rifle. I have the predecessor, a '1911' iirc. Accurate, mine drove tacks, 1/2 MOA. Essentially identical in power to the NATO 7.62, the 7.5 swiss uses a 180 gr .308 bullet. I got my first whitetail buck with it, a 7 pt. missing an eye guard, one shot.

  24. Ya gonna show the Guns or just yourselves?

  25. With respect to the "mad minute" for shooting the enfield, it was a real thing.

  26. Bruh quit voice cracking

  27. a surplus rifle is one they made alot of. like in ww2 they made like 100000000 mausers . thats what it means. rifles they have a surplus of

  28. anyone kno what a enfield goes for these days

  29. Number 1 “Enfield” is Australian. Lithgow Arms, sane guys that make the F90 Atrax

  30. "Oh! you've refinished stocks? Can i put a couple early bids in? lol

  31. My uncle has a k31 and those guns are very beautiful and also the straight bolt is super cool the 7.5×55 Swiss is a great long range caliber to Iraq veteran 8888 did a video to where he shot it out to 600 yds acutely my uncle has one and I’ve been dying to shoot it

  32. I love my mosin thinkin about throwin the archangel conversion on er

  33. A Nagant is a pistol, and there is a wide variety of Mosins. The one you have there cost as much as an SKS, which makes the price issue moot.

  34. I bought my Yugoslavian SKS for $200 out the door when i was 18, first gun i ever purchased myself. Still packed in cosmoline, took about 1,000 rounds and a lot of cleaning to get it all out. But then you could buy 1,000 rounds of 7.62×39 for 80 bucks all day, which i did at least once a month that whole year. I refinished the stock and it was the most beautiful gun inside and out. Ran beautifully after that first 1,000 rounds, even before that worked very well but had a few problems. Wish i still had it. And i loved my Mosin, after i put the synthetic stock on it especially. That steel butt pad and 7.62×54 rounds weren't a particularly pleasant mix if you shoot like i did back then. Accurate as hell for what i got, had an easily visible bend at the end of the barrel which i didn't notice when i bought it. Adjusted the sight and hit where i wanted every time. The guy i sold it to was talking about cutting the bent part off, which i thought about doing myself. That thing was almost as tall as me, barrel itself was like 30 inches or so. I loved it, but corrosive surplus ammo definitely took its toll.

  35. First time watcher here and just have to say I loved your video guys. Keep up the good work! My grandfather which has now passed gave me a lee enfield that had been used on a whole generation of family whitetail hunts which got stolen from me 🙁 looking to buy another cause the SMLE is definitely my absolute favorite rifle!

  36. Fuckin really? I WANT a Kar98k.

  37. Have you done a Mauser 98 and 303 Enfield speed test? Both have their own “myths” and became legendary in the trenches.

  38. The guy in the hat is a Jackass.

  39. my 1903 Swedish Carbine is far better than any of this junk. Of course it sells for $1500.00

  40. You guys has plenty of disagreements between each other during your presentation, your title should be “The Disagreements”

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