5 Day Backpacking gear loadout

48 lb. Gear loadout for a 5 Day Backpacking trip coming up. I also have a Petzl headlamp and sawyer squeeze water filter I’ll be bringing as well.

The trip video with this loadout;

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-Sleeping Bag (Mountain Hardwear Ratio 15 degree bag):

-Tent (Snugpack Scorpion 3: 4 season tent):

-Sleeping Pad (Thermarest):

-Sea to Summit E-Vent Compression dry sack:

-Bear Can (BearVault):

-Sleeping Pad (Sea to Summit Insulated):

-Packable Rain Jacket (Outdoor Research Helium 2):

-Packable Rain Pants (Outdoor Research Helium 2):

-Folding Saw (Silky Big Boy):

-Camp Knife (Esee 6):

-Titanium 700ml pot (Toaks):

-Storage pouches (Granite gear 4-pack):

-Flashlight (Surefire Tactical LED):

-NOAA Weather radio/flashlight (Midland):

-Water Bladder/Hydration (Geigerrig 3 Liter):

-Gloves (Mechanix Mpact):

-Bear Spray:

-Telescoping Fishing Rod (Plusinno):

-Backpack (Gregory 100Liter backpack):

-Stove (Jetboil):

-mini stove :


Take Care and Safe Travels!


  1. I understand why some people prefer to hike ultra light, and I have no issues with that. But for me, the added weight equals added comfort. Also, I don’t have any physical issues or discomfort in carrying 45+ lbs. At the end of the day, backpacking is about enjoying the outdoors, and different people will enjoy it uniquely according to their stamina, strength, and gear preferences. “Hike your own hike”, be safe, and don’t be afraid of challenges. Take care and cheers!

  2. I agree with everything, accept I'd bring some ninja stars, ninja stars always come in handy.

  3. I am prior service Army. We would ruck with 70 lbs and be extremely comfortable lol. If you got the strength, get er done!!! great video with a lot of insight. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dude, I hope that's not a hiking loadout. Would be way too much, imo. But to trek into a base camp and use daypacks from there might work. You have to add food, 3 liters of water minimum, etc.

  5. A mixed bag of emotions here… Great video, and some of the comments by others were humorous. I cringe when I think about my first backpacking trip. I took more stuff than needed, I also had what I needed. The refinement process comes with experience… You'll also find dropping weight makes the trip far more enjoyable. The gear refinement process also provides a better opportunity to plan and pack for different trips, you definitely have all the toys. I hope you had a blast!

    Safe Hiking!

  6. I'm surprised this weighs only 48 pounds

  7. He took everything, including the kitchen sink!
    Good kit. I don't ounce count either and take what I need.
    Keep having fun.

  8. Popiel's pocket fisherman

  9. That stove rocks I’ve beat the absolute shit out of mine and it’s still great

  10. great video thanks for sharing~

  11. are the kruegers the Freddy kind? May need better mace bud =)

  12. thats a pretty good load out. i am in western WA as well. and mine is very simmilar

  13. A lot of redundancy here. Why not have multiple shelters? Multiple sleeping bags? These are incredibly important, yet you leave them out despite having the strength to carry them because they are cumbersome. Make better use of your tools!

    If you need to do strength training to carry your comforts, you'd probably be more comfortable with fewer comforts. Maybe it's just me, but having another way to start a fire when I already have a perfectly good way to start fires isn't going to make my trip more comfortable. Is sawing wood going to increase comfort? I don't know, maybe for some, but if I'm carrying a fuel canister, there just isn't any point.

    Hike your own hike, sure, but you're acting like an experienced hiker, and that might convince some people that this sort of loadout is a good idea. I'm worried you're steering some people down the wrong path despite, as far as I can tell, having never used any of the gear you purchased here.

  14. If a cougar is stalking you, you'll never see it or get a chance to use the bear maze…

  15. Excellent video and very helpful for a beginner like me. Appreciate the links as well! Safe travels.

  16. How much something like that cost you just a ruff guess

  17. Hey you put your mini stove together all wrong, just a little info.

    What you pack is you FEARS!!!!!!
    do you fear cold?
    Do you fear cougars?
    Girlfriends….. How long you gonna be gone?!
    I agree that you should enjoy the outdoors, but I think at this point he could have bought a cabin in the woods and not carried it.

  19. Come on, guys. He said backpacking/car camping.

  20. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the brand of the color coded bags? I’m interested in them for organizing, and where did you get them? Yes i am a nerd lol

  21. The 'KICHEN SINK"!! first time I've seen that. Good for you, hike your hike,

  22. Be cautious with that stove. I used one for quite a while. I guess the seal went bad on our last trip though. Fuel leaked from the tank and ignited into a blowtorch. Good little stove, just make sure to check the seal each time

  23. I for one respect your bringing of comforts. I feel like you get a lot of flak in the hiking community for it, but hey, if you can handle it and you enjoy it, then go for it.

  24. I appreciate how you dealt with these comments. I don’t pack like this, but damn there are some self-righteous a-holes. Glad you enjoyed your trip and kicked a$$

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