8 Tips and Tricks for Monster Hunter Beginners

Monster Hunter World is the most accessible Monster Hunter to date, but that doesn’t mean some tips and tricks aren’t appreciated.


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  2. I suddenly want to play Pillars of Eternity

  3. Very helpful video for a newbie to MH. And many of the comments were useful as well.

  4. I usually run archer in rpgs is the bow actually viable in this game?

  5. Wow, I didn’t know a lot of the Info. Very helpful.

  6. Wow that's a lot to take in for a noobie

  7. You can go inside the tent as well during an expedition and can switch out your weapons/restock/drop off your supplies so you can stay in expedition for as long as you want. Idk if you can do this as well on a normal mission though.

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  9. Tip keep your health above 75% for late game, buy those charms in the shop, and at least carry armor skin. Dual Swords stop exhausting your stamina. Pick up the sling ammo(crystal shot is my fav) that drops, it stuns monsters for a sec or gets them to target you. Late game, if you faint and come back with your base stats you are a 1 hit ko burden max your stats before returning to battle. CAPTURING IS EASIER, especially if your struggling. So many times, I've been running to cap a weakened, but raging monster and someone dies, when they could have capped it themselves.(Prioritize shock traps first Ivy isn't farmable)

  10. Quick tip: don’t use the Wishlist. It sounds like I’m paranoid or something but it activates the desire sensor for that material and reduces the drop rate.

  11. Don't craft weapons buy them because someone around the smithy it will be a lady and she will sell you weapons without needing parts

  12. The iron blade vault maneuver ability is sick.

  13. This helped me and im 35 hours in just killed Zora xD

  14. I'm a spazzy cod player so I picked up dual swords and it feels amazing. I know it's underpowered, but with my reaction time, it's no big deal to dance around my enemies.

  15. I started with the charge blade lol, I recommend it. It has high damage and pretty easy if you watch arekez's video.

  16. good for all hunters, but best for ranged hunters, always bring some traps

  17. i'm getting this game for my b day i'm amped!!

  18. It should also be noted that the camps out in the wilds have canteens in them. So if you faint (or just spend enough time out there that the meal wears off) you can get a new one at the camp canteen.

  19. I've never played any of the MH games and I really wannt try it out but damn… Everything seems like such a convoluted process to complete. Just give me a damn steak before a fight and let me do my thing!

  20. Dudes with the female avi’s …. why ? Gonna use the excuse like on all rpg’s ? “ oh , the armor looks better for females.”

  21. Honestly I'm just going to lay this out there all the wepons arnt hard to master I mean I would bet I could pick up the Lance Wich I heat to use and kill any monster with it each wepon. Wepons arnt hard to mater they just each have there own feel since I like the great sword it would be wired form me to transition to the Dule blades light hiters it's just you need to pick up a wepon I mean my brother he picked up the charge blade for his first wepon and now even though he came on at mh4 i and I was at mh1 level of understanding he can out charge blade me any day but I love the great sword you feel every hit it's so satisfying

  22. There are NOT 4 camp sites on each map. Yes, the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Wastes have 4, but the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale only have 2 each.

  23. First time Monster Hunter. I freakin love this game!!!!!

  24. The biggest piece of advice I can give is don’t get greedy. It may sound silly and kind of obvious, but is getting in that extra hit really worth eating a Rathian backflip?

    I have no qualms with people experimenting and seeing when they can weave attacks in against their opponents but maintain awareness and avoid frustration by playing it safe when you are low on health/on your last continue.

  25. focus on raw dmg wepons early game and once you have a decent one start making different elemental/status weapons for more specific tunning and advantageous hunting

  26. Great Sword and Long Sword are good for beginners… oh boy… they are the worst for beginners… seriously…

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