Anjanath Guide : Monster Hunter World BEGINNER tutorial!

Hey guys, Keydolf here!
So with monster hunter world in my possession, I was finally able to counter one of the stronger beasts in the game. This is a guide for killing the anjanath.

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`Anjanath has a pink face, somewhat resembling a Vulture, along with pink scales covering its underbelly. Its hind legs are powerful and muscular, while its front limbs are much smaller and mostly useless. Black proto-feathers cover Anjanath’s back, front limbs, and legs, which give it an appearance similar to the most recent depictions of some theropod dinosaurs like T-rex.`


  1. Wait, 1.4k damage?! My turf war did 700 damage! Damn, i could have killed him if rathalos did a bit more work xD

  2. This thing was an asshole but now I bully him with the aqua slash 2 now he runs limping

  3. "The Ability To Spit Fire"

  4. So I started hunting the kulu ya ku and then it ran into the great jagras nest island they started fighting… THEN it ran off am again and it brought the great jagras and out of no where the anjanath came came down and it was the best monster fight I ever saw… Until the kulu ya ku ran off and I had to go chase it -_-

  5. Anjanath spits fire? So they rap?

    (Encountered an Anjanath)
    They rape.

  6. Don't forget about Zone 6 where you can use the poisoncaps to your advantage

  7. Never died on this game til I met this beast

  8. This guy was super easy, i beat him first try with the pueki peuki armor and hammer

  9. My problem is that I keep letting random people join my squad. They end up dying at the very last part of his health. Ruining a 35 minute hunt. I went in Solo, and what do ya know, it was worlds easier. My pet helps me more than random squad members do!! And I get 3 chances!! Instead of not dying once and still failing the mission because of other people.

  10. I had no idea he was monster rank 4 I just hunted him last night in expedition and I’m a hunter rank 2 (I guess bloodborne/ dark souls really helped out) lol I’m using the great jagra charge blade if people are curious happy hunting

  11. Thanks for making this video it made it possible for me to beat Anjanth and continue beating Anjanth. I didn't use the sword but the heavy bowgun but since I learned how to properly kill it I been able to use the bowgun and the bow.

  12. Nujabes as a outro? Subscribed

  13. These are easy. I'm brand new to this game…I just need help with skills to dodge them better and not stagger whenever they roar

  14. I got owned by this boss 4 hours str8 till i finally gave up and farmed tobi kadachi set and fucked him up. Now ive got the full anjanath set

  15. Hi what would be best in this fight out of hh ig and cb

  16. I see you, using Nujabes’s beat for the outro.

  17. Thanks bro….. * logs into MHW…. *Finds Anjanath…. TIME TO DIE ASSHOLE 😈😈😈😈😈

  18. Anjanath is so damn easy to murder.

  19. Great video. May I ask, why is your health bar lower than your stamina. I’ve seen loads of people have a higher health bar and I want to have one and I was wondering if you knew

  20. Fighting this thing is so frustrating.. he was hitting me even though I was no where in range of him.. ugh

  21. Very helpful vid! Struggling with learning my class (insect glaive) but going to stick it out anyway.

  22. Someone please help me with this problem: So every time I fight an Anjanath and almost kill him he runs off and I cant chase him down even when he's limping, and then he just digs a hole in the ground and hides where I cant even attack him. I dont know why, this has happened 3 times, I think it might be because im such a low level the game wont let me kill him yet. But it's just really frustrating wasting an hour trying to kill him and when im just about to finish him he just leaves and quits mid fight. (I am like level 3 I think and just unlocked the desert level.)

  23. This is the first monster that has given me problems.

  24. Plz this isn’t a newb guide , make the video with the level of armour & weapons we have , 10 times & cant beat it , think I was close once

  25. Hitboxes in this game are crap

  26. I found out last night it is possible to sever his tail with a well aimed dragon piercer shot with the bow. I was pleasantly surprised!

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