Budget Long Range Rifle that’s WAY TOO EASY – Savage 10 FCP-SR with PA 4-14×44 HUD DMR ~ Rex Reviews

Way too easy! Are you looking for a long range precision rifle for less than $1,000 that will get you on target in a hurry and is very easy to learn? In this video, Rex Reviews the Savage Model 10 FCP-SR .308 Win with 24″ heavy fluted barrel and the Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP ACSS HUD scope. This is an incredible long range configuration that is very affordable. You can be hitting steel out to 800 yards in a matter of minutes if not seconds! For those who have been waiting for Rex to review good quality budget equipment, eat your hearts out!

Savage Rifle: http://savagearms.com/firearms/model/10FCPSR

Scope: http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-4-14x44mm-riflescope-acss-hud-dmr-308-223-reticle-pa4-14xffp308

Burris Xtreme Tactical 30mm Rings:
Use code “Rex5” for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet.com order
Burris Xtreme Tactical Picatinny Rings: http://bit.ly/2m4dGtt
Burris at OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/2l2v5EZ
Burris: http://bit.ly/2kSbRj1
OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/2bcrssM

Armasight WWZ Nightvision Scope:
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Armasight WWZ Night Vision Scope: http://bit.ly/2lrZ2yL
Armasight at OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/2lrOeRt
Armasight: http://bit.ly/2l2t6Rc
OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/2bcrssM

Harris Bipod: http://bit.ly/2kKEQIB

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All the music in this video was created by TiborasaurusRex, an unsigned artist.

Song Titles: Particle Jam, take Me Home, Transient as a Shadow, Wadi Watir, Magnetic Night
Music and Lyrics by: TiborasaurusRex
Instrumentation and Vocals by: TiborasaurusRex
Recorded by: TiborasaurusRex


  1. Rex secured a sweet deal for you guys! Use this link to get the exact scope I am showing in this video (Primary Arms 4-14X44mm Riflescope – ACSS HUD DMR .308/.223) for $279.99. http://ow.ly/BB4A30cbS6Z

  2. 1000 is not low. so how about a remington 700 in 7mm or 308 for $200-500 or hell if you have balls of steel that ache for the feel of a rhinos kick in your shoulder then get a weatherby vanguard 7mm.

  3. Excellent vid, very much appreciated.

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  5. What about the glass in the PA optic?

  6. I have this same rifle, this thing kicks like a mule! What do i need, a mean muzzle break or something??!!

  7. Howdy! First off I have to say I'm loving all your videos. The fact that you are willing to expend the time and effort to put forth this information for those of us just wanting to get into this area of shooting speaks volumes! I also love that you're willing to teach some of us without "shnabb" money how to best get into the game. Having said that, I think it might be possible to undercut your recommendations. It might not ultimately take me where I want to go over the super long term, but I recently purchased a Cabelas exclusive Savage 12 FV for $369 list (on sale, normally $400ish). Add to this my 5% military discount, and the $300 worth of cabelas gift cards i bought off ebay at $0.80 on the dollar, and I think I'm about $300 into this gun after taxes. Now for the real kicker, Cabelas is offering a $100 mail in rebate on this firearm currently. That places a 26" heavy barrel accutrigger (6.5 Creedmor in this case) savage 12 in my hands for approximately $200 and some change. Good luck even finding a model 12 action to build off of for that price. Granted, it doesn't have the accustock, detachable magazine, or threaded barrel, but that $400 price difference will go a LONG way toward rectifying those deficiencies if and when I decide they are holding me back. Again, no disrespect intended, LOVE what you're doing, but for those of us looking to get into the game on the cheap, there are even cheaper points of entry that won't really hinder us in the long run. Anyway, thanks for what you're doing! Keep making vids, and I for one will keep watching!

  8. Hey Rex have you seen the Begara?

  9. I have identical setup. Printing 2 to 3 inch groups (10 rounds) at 300 yards depending how good is my day. I am shooting 308 Federal Gold Medal Match 175gr and Hornady Superformance match 178gr (Hornady has vertical stringing sometimes). Rifle is very accurate. I paid $450 using Savage rebates. It is bargain.
    I just acquired 200 rounds of Berger Juggernaut 185gr (BC=0.56) 308 ammo. Need to test it one of these days.
    I have to say Primary Arms scope is a bit heavy. I am considering Burris MTAC 4.5-14×42 and lighter rings (have 3-screws heavy duty rings).

  10. Can I buy the Alco .308 bullets fully ready to go…or just the actual bullets and then just handload them myself? Thx

  11. I bought on of these rifles off the back of this review and have been pleased so far!  Plopped  a el-cheapo 3-9×40 Prostaff I had already on there and commenced learning. I cant afford the 3-4000 dollars amazeballs rifles but I can afford this to get me started.  Currently learning slowly and carefully about handload development and having MUCH fun in the process.  Thanks for all your FREE info you've put out there, and for the 101 series.  Its all been a huge help in steering me the right direction in a bunch of stuff I really just don't understand that well yet.

  12. LOL, are you like Ted Nugent's cousin or something? You act so much like him, Love it.

  13. I was always under the impression that $1000 was alot for a deer rifle. I use the same rifle I've had for years, a Mossberg 270. I've never missed anything I shot at regardless of distance so I guess I'll keep hunting with it. I like looking at expensive guns though.

  14. Your more of a dickhead than a snob.

  15. Altho a bit of a joker. Miles better than nutnfancy.

  16. Awesome video! What is the song at the end? Who performs that?

  17. Is not the gun that shoot a 1000yard is the shooter😉

  18. Any body else get  the feeling that  this guys  a SNOB

  19. I was with you until you called it a Honda, 😏.. but seriously savages are can shoot with the best of them if the shooter is up to it.

  20. Glad to see you are not afraid to admit you are a 'schnob' and are willing to bring some affordable items to the table that us normal folks can buy. Thanks!

  21. The Cabela's exclusive Model12 FV in 6.5 Creedmoor is a tack driving beast. Sub MOA or better with factory Nosler BT 140 grain hunting ammo. Hand loads with Hornady ELD Match bullets I get sub half MOA from a bench rest. Half to 3/4 with a sand bag, and bipod from prone. Though I spent more for the scope and mounts than I did for the rifle itself. If I had to spend to improve it I would get a better stock as it has the cheapo plastic stock. It does well enough right now I am going to leave well enough alone, and spend my money on components to keep it fed. The thing is if you want a light rifle this is not the one for you. The 24 inch heavy varmint barrel is not light.

  22. Ohh no guys.. he's a shniper shnob

  23. YES!!!!! 3 screw holes!!!! 2 just wasn't cutting it…. Lol!!! Finally, 3 screw holes and did I hear him correctly? Did he say "in her bio-pod" when talking about the biHavod? Lol!! He fun folks!!! Enjoy her bio-pod and 3 screw holes!

  24. snobe! couldn't watch the video

  25. Which scope adjustments are better, 1/10th mil per click or 1/4 moa per click?

  26. Budget = Savage, Budget = Kmart.

  27. I've spent thousands on rifles that shot no better than a Savage. Thats a fact…

  28. calling yourself a "Schnob" doesn't make you any less of a "Snob". But it does make you sound like a knob.

  29. Dude this it the exact same setup the first guy did with the 1000 for 1000 only he didnt act like a schnop

  30. If you are waiting on Trump to save the 2nd A, you are going to make yourself feel real stupid. Like Republicans haven't proposed gun legislation before.

  31. I'd recommend a bushnell fixed 10 or the SWFA fixed 10.

  32. So your hard earned money couldn't buy the Creedmoor 6.5?

  33. shoud og got it in 6.5 to stretch it out to distance

  34. What's that annoying music in the background?

  35. If you go and buy a tikka t3 and put a respectable scope on it you'll have a one inch gun for less money.

  36. when will you do a full review on this setup?

  37. Funny, this is the same set up I put together, though I started off with really cheap glass, and swapped to the Primary Arms scope a year ago. My Model 10 has a heavy 24" barrel that isn't fluted, or threaded because it's older, but cost $100 less. Feeling vindicated, lol.

  38. Hi Rex. Thinking of this in 6.5 . Benchrest shooting. Does it come in a left handed. Good video. Thank you

  39. Savage used to be called salvage. Yes I know there accurate I've had a couple and liked em just look cheap.

  40. Wanting to buy a Savage MSR 10. Just can't decide on 6.5 or .308 any recommendations?

  41. Sooooooooo stupid. Ok? Can there possibly be any more boring country than Canada?

  42. How do these two scopes work for people with glasses?

  43. Dude you need to cut way back on the caffeine. your spinning that scope, rings etc like your a Majorette with a baton on the GD Parade field. CHILLLLLL OUT!

  44. Still waiting on that bill to get signed… 🙁

  45. Looks like the Trumps are working miracles with the nice toys. I wonder if he can do something about Cali…that's another miracle of another level. XD

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