Duck Hunting 2017 November Limit of Mallards

This hunt from Freelance Duck hunting takes place in Early November of the 2017 duck season. Join us as we hunt mallards and fill our duck limit quickly!

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  1. Dog food consumption. Best video on youtube

  2. I love watching hunting videos when I can't kill squat here in iowa

  3. Hey there FDH, i'm from Europe and am wondering if there will be more species added to the statistics app. Most of the game I hunt over here isn't on there, would love to use the app more!

  4. Them birds wanted in and I mean wanted in bad, y'all found the X

  5. Believe all the Mallards were down there as we had a early freeze-over this year in the northern states.
    Looked like a very enjoyable hunt and it generated a great mood in everyone.

  6. good to see y'all getting on some birds!

  7. what state do you film in?

  8. Wait…. isn’t this yesterday’s video?

  9. I thought you posted this yesterday?

  10. Great video man keep'em up, save some fat plump green heads for Illinois!!!!

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