Duck Hunting Diver Ducks on Big Water

Some classic diver footage with a few mallards early in the hunt. The opening scene is great with thousands of divers coming into the shallows to feed, you gotta love it. This is as good as it gets layout boat hunting for divers on big water.


  1. It's pretty hard to get blue bills like that without feeding them

  2. what's with the mallard hail call for divers?

  3. wish i had all those redheads though!!

  4. Love Bluebill and divers the best…. shot my 3 in one shot on a huge flock of bluebill that flew over dad and i in north cali

  5. Bad shooters.  Should practice on claybird before hunting season.

  6. This is my favorite youtube channel. Cant to get some of souther ontario ducks down this sunday.

  7. Divers are fun to shoot because how fast they fly and respect for shooting the drake when that pair came in.

  8. this is my first year diver hunting and i have fallen in love with it. keep up the vids.

  9. i would have probably said you were a bad shot just because im only used to mallards and other ducks like that. but today i was duck hunting on a river where it dumped into a big lake and we had tons of divers go by and i only got two out of about ten shots but i know exactly what is like.

  10. Divers will decoy to mallard decoys, but generally you need diver decoys for diver ducks. In the area where this video was shot we put out puddler and diver decoys in the same spread. Many people claim that the secret with diver hunting is number of decoys, many of my friends run 100 divers in a spread, we usually hunt big water. I usually run about 6 dozen divers and a few dozen mallards in my spread from mid October as the divers migrate into my area.

  11. Will diver ducks fly to mallard decoys? or will i need to get diver duck decoys, and diver ducks calls?

  12. man can them bluebills move!!

  13. Thanks for the comment Jason. I don't want to give your identity away, but have you hunted in Texas and have you ever made and sold duck calls?

  14. Отличная стрельба, у нас в России тоже так могут

  15. I second the last comment.

  16. U guys did great. Check out my channel i have a couple of pictures in slideshows. We usually hunt with 3-4 guys.

  17. @Lukos340 Thanks, keep watching, more to come soon. Take care and be safe.

  18. @jkx04 We put the decoys out in a rough "W" pattern where we had cans and red heads in one leg, bluebills in another, and them puddlers in another. Many hunters in this area mix their decoys a little. In fact, many hunters put coot decoys in their duck spread because some areas of this lake hold a lot of coots.

  19. @jkx04 This is Lake St Claire. It lies between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. It is not a great lake, but it is pretty big; fresh water.

  20. @slrg13 We get lots of redheads, canvasbacks, bluebills, lots of divers on big water.

  21. @slrg13 The opening scene has a couple of mallards shot too.

  22. @slrg13 Blue Bills, and mostly. We did get one canvasback. They are all diver ducks.

  23. @jeffx247xgrz The kid who calls wildlife "pretty" and has videos of video games on youtube has the nerve to call people fags and pussies on youtube? Someone needs to grow up

  24. @Jeffx427xgrz I bet you didnt know that hunters contribute to the wildlife more then anyother group. In the off season we plant habitats, food, nest, etc. and when hunting season comes around we follow the rules and if we follow the rules we help the population. If there are more birds therr is a struggle for them to find food then disease spreads and kills them off. So learn a thing or too about hunting before you call us fags witch doesn't affect us and makes you look like one.

  25. @177deerhunter Well said my friend, well said. Some people just don't understand hunting of any sort at all!

  26. @jeffx247xgrz as far as im concerned i think most people out there that think like you are fags, and if you dont like it, dont watch it.

  27. look at these pussys. why do people hunt? faggots.. cmon, wildlife is so pretty without you fags messing around with it..

  28. @canadianwingshooter what kind of boat is that at 1:08

  29. haha i need to teach him how to shoot

  30. @fishaddict5 That's what I use for divers all of the time. Early season marsh hunting for puddlers I will use 4's.

  31. @TheCoastalGunner Good luck, hope you do well. Last weekend we hit the canvasbacks, red heads and bluebills good. I think we almost limited on 4 cans each. Good luck and safe hunting.

  32. great video as always….bluiebills buffies and cans have just started to show real good on the hudson river here in southern ny…going for my first dedicated diver hunt of the year monday morning….looking forward to it and this video is pumping me up

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