Duck Hunting | Pennsylvania Opener 2017

Opening day of the Pennsylvania duck season. Early season is great because you see such a variety of ducks like Green Winged Teal, Wood Ducks, and Mallards. We were in a small swamp that held a lot of roosting ducks. We were able to take advantage of the early flight and also some of the birds that came back to loaf.


  1. Nice video and good shooting!

  2. Awesome! Roast duck for dinner, delicious! Nice to see the dog doing some retrieving too. Looking forward to the next video.

  3. Woo awesome hunt. We managed to get into the wigeons today. It made a fun video 😊

  4. Nice shooting. I had an epic hunt last night. Got an 11 point on public in trumbull county. It's on my google account.

  5. Nice shot in the beginning.

  6. Cool im down by pymatuning

  7. Where r u at in pa im in mercer county we did ok for ducks no greenheads tho just woodies and teal

  8. Good job man ive been watching since i started turkey this spring. Got two goose and missed two ducks and a grouse.. you always do a good job tho congrats on the greenie

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