Funko Pop Collectors Guide Part 1: Beginner Tips

In this video I discuss how to start a Pop collection, where to buy Pops and how to protect them. Funko Reddit: Funko Swap: Facebook Funko Pop group:


  1. Thanks for the tips was not aware of the window thing

  2. Great vid love your room !

  3. Just be careful with amazon alot of pops are fake from china.Alot of youtubers got scammed.

  4. This video is great! Thanks So much! I need to buy the protectors ASAP.

  5. I like Pop but at this rhythm they gonna end like the bennies, Ty, etc etc

  6. Never pre order pops from gamestop since the people that work there take the chases

  7. I like that carnage pop in the background!

  8. Where can you find vaulted pops?

  9. In the U.K. I just got a Porg pop from the Last Jedi at the Disney shop so if you want Disney pops that is a good place to start

  10. It almost a science itself of collecting, maintaining and nurturing Funko Pops

  11. Lol. Let the addiction begin.

  12. I live in Australia and the shop I by pops from is hobby co they have a isle and a half dedicated to pops

  13. Thanks a lot!! It was really helpful, and I'm just starting my collection right now, so it was great help!

  14. What a geek FFS what do you do with your life😂😂😂😂

  15. Also too,great video and channel,later buddy.

  16. Also I am a new sub,keep up the great content,just saying.

  17. Thanx for your tips and much appreciated man!!! I just got into collecting them this month lol.I am a little late to the game,but really loving it lol.It is a blast to look for them and collect them.I am curious though,would you leave them in the box and never take them out,or is it ok to and keep the box?lol,I’m new to this like I said and would like to know your take on this.In the video I don’t think you mentioned this really?If you did sorry,my bad.I must have missed it if you did,lol just saying.

  18. Great video! Just started collecting pops! I have a vulture, demogorgon and Kanan so this advice helps a lot

  19. I live in israel and there are only 2 stores that sell funko in all the country 🙁

  20. I just started with a chase edition of the Pennywise from it and wanted to start to collecting thanks for the great vid

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