Kayak Deer Hunt – Tennessee Public Land

Damon Bungard goes on a Kayak Deer hunt after gaing early access to some prime Tennessee Public Land! Join him on this Deer Hunt as he looks to get a head start on filling his freezer!

Damon uses a Kayak to access public game lands to avoid other hunters and shoot a doe. He then must pack it out using the same kayak along with all of his gear.


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Gear Used:

Bear Moment – https://beararchery.com/product/av88b30007r/
Eberlestock X2 – http://www.eberlestock.com/store/x2-pack
Irish Setter Rutmaster 2.0 Lite – http://www.irishsetterboots.com/USD/product/hunting-boots/04897-rutmaster-17-rbr
Stika Subalpine – https://www.sitkagear.com/products/big-game-subalpine/new
Jackson Kayak Kilroy – http://jacksonkayak.com/blog/kayak/kilroy/
Bending Branches Angler Pro – https://bendingbranches.com/products/angler-pro-snap-kayak-fishing-paddle


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  1. I hated to see that saw and pruners come out…Definitely not a legal activity on Public Lands.

  2. Should have quartered the deer and packed it out in trash bags in a back pack . A lot less weight to worry about . I guess spot of guys have forgotten what field dressing really means lol

  3. Man I wish I could go hunting.

    How many days can you feed from 1 deer like that?

  4. Another great video!! you have our sub and support!! check us out sometime thanks!!!

  5. "We're in the Red light district"
    Best comment ever lol

  6. Great video…and really like your set up! The Kayak really is an over looked tool for hunting. Great channel and subbed for more!

  7. Hiwasse is nice. I live 20 minute away. I take my son dove hunting there every yr

  8. nice video….nice hunt,,,deer don't normally just run and act very worried for no reason, she may have had a big coyote or 2 on her trail,,,,I've seen, and shot them coming after deer but they'll be 40 to 60 yards back just trotting enough to keep the deer moving quickly along, eventually the deer will tire, coyotes can trot through the woods for miles and miles, deer more sprinters get exhausted and when the pack moves in and attacks the deer is already weak, bucks fall prey to this technique also…keep your eyes out for those mean ole wile-e's..I've got a canoe and a pond prowler I use to jump to river Islands and hunt. I like it allot.

  9. Great video and hunt! What bed storage system is that?

  10. I have used my canoe a few times to access areas back from the roads. Not tried with my bow but maybe next year

  11. I was wondering what back pack u have in this video

  12. Well done sir! Appreciate your thoughtful approach to the hunt, and the insightful wisdom you offer. I have been enjoying your videos. Six days to fill my archery tag here in single digit weather, after a long, amazing, bow season in Northern Minnesota… Not worrying about cooling the meat 😉 Merry Christmas & a very blessed New Year to you & your family! DB.

  13. great job y'all! them tenderloins looked fine!!!

  14. Awesome….great video..looking forward to more

  15. Super nice vid! Nice work, Damon and LK Media House! I loved every minute of it!

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