Kentucky Duck Hunt – Must see!

Kentucky Duck Hunt – Must see! The Kentucky Afield Crew drives west to Livingston County where they find a honey hole near the Ohio River. This was a fun one! Duck Hunt in Western, KY


  1. I would like to get back into hunting. Preferably small game like Rabbit and maybe bird and or water fowl. Any place around Grant county Kentucky?

  2. If you switch your doors to drop in instead of pushing out you'll cut flaring of ducks by more than half. They never see you but when you shove those doors out you give them time to cut out on you. There always looking.

  3. Anyone notice that banded woodie he had in his hand at the end. Why wouldn't you mention that on the show. That was a fail

  4. I want to get out there and hunt but I have no one to take me

  5. u should take me on juvenile

  6. what call is the guy with the clear all have?

  7. Nice Video!! Just a simple lovely Duck Hunting Video. Great spot as well, not to mention the world class duck blind. So tired of hunting Videos with a minute and a half of credits at the beginning and stupid metal or hardcore music. Its so annoying how people try to promote themselves or their overpriced clubs or leases with youtube. Hunting should be what this video is all about. Comaraderie, friendships, managing and caring for the habitat, ducks and retrievers.

  8. Today I called in a duck and I was standing right along the river and he came in and landed real close to me. Dumped him out of the water

  9. "where they find a honey hole near the ohio river"…. yeah looks like they just stumbled across that early morning! nice hunt though.

  10. Looks sweet~ I would suggest taking the time to take some of the natural foliage (trees and bushes) and adding it to the blind so that it blends even better into the background.. 🙂 

  11. 2:30 The Cardinal thought they were shooting at it lol.

  12. 7 shoots on on duck yayeeee. range next

  13. Well the last one was in the decoys good job.1 outta 10

  14. Yum, so much duck stew lol

  15. I'm JEALOUS like reallyyyyy JEALOUS:)

  16. Doggie brought back a duck decoy. LOL….

    Just kidding.

  17. Very nice and well organized; well done. Greeting from Malta the island with no forests or lakes thus no birds to shoot. You are in Heaven guys.

  18. these people are really being interviewed….? how do you see out of that blind? why is it so big? taking what looks like 30 yard+ shots? blue bird day?ugh…. barely even decoying -.-

  19. This is the best duck hunting set up i have ever seen, It really  tells you how experienced Terry is. I am sure of that with all these years of hunting.

  20. you guys need to check out the duxtrac swimming decoy machine,,put more of them right in your face..

  21. I use #2 shot and #4 shot for ducks like mallards and pintails and #4 and #6 for teal and smaller ducks and #bb shot for geese

  22. anyone know any good public duck hunting near Louisville?

  23. i work for the company that built some of what there showing and this is a great thing that they have going on 

  24. Lol I'm so confused when u see all of this echo system bullshit first of all ur not gonna change their minds about hunting and second is u don't like then stay the fuck away plain and sympal

  25. wat # shot do u use for ducks??

  26. Um, humans are part of the ecosystem…

  27. Hello, Ray here, I just sent you an email to your youtube inbox

  28. Would you rather have it suffer on the ground bleeding out or get it over with quickly?

  29. 3:35 three guns shooting one duck is poor sportsmanship.

  30. These guys give sky busting a new name.

  31. best part is 2:35 when the cardinal twitches his head every shot lol great video

  32. What part of Ky u live in? I'm just south of Louisville, looking for a good place to duck hunt…If you, or anyone else can help me out, and give me some tip's on KY duck hunting I'm all ears, God bless!

  33. Its hard to find a place to duck hunt

  34. 2:31to2:33 lol red bird

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