Lone Star Life: Texas Duck Hunting – Ghillie Suit Duck Hunt — On the river with Salty & Pete

**Language and Content Warning**

After a few good days of rain Pete and Salty set out to see if the ducks were moving. The runoff upstream made the river current a lot stronger and faster than normal. Salty’s job became that much more difficult, but he was up to the task! Thanks for watching

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  1. one of the smartest dogs I've seen yet good job

  2. That was some solid shooting! Congrats

  3. that guy such a bad shot wing braking the birds geting them with second shot in the water

  4. this is awesome nice vid boys

  5. Rocking shooting man! Nice to see someone with skill taking clean kills and not dumping a box of shells for 1-2 birds! Cheers from Canada. and great dog!

  6. nice triple to start the vid off!!!!!

  7. So cool how he brought down 2 with one.

  8. Very cool. I hunt ducks and geese to.

  9. Lone Star, How much lead are you putting on the duck?

  10. That Benelli Vinci is really nice, just found a place where i can get one. I'll be in my new Ghillie this next season. Have a safe and happy one, 2015-16.

  11. Nice job tracking down the wounded second bird around 4:30. There's alot of guys that would've just left it crippled because you actually had to put some work into retrieving it. And you have yourself a great hardworking dog.

  12. That was awesome! Always thought about hunting the brazos. But I don't have a dog so screw that! Ha

  13. Is this the Comal or Sabine?

  14. Hard working pup! Pretty work.

  15. Holy crap, Salty's a ninja!

  16. It's a "bargain cave" special from Cabela's. It works pretty well, but I will be making my own hopefully for this season. Google will give some pretty good results on ideas. Just combine the ones that work and look the best for your situation. Thanks for watching.

  17. Thanks! He does a good job. We have another one that gets a chance to show off his stuff this year.

  18. Did you make your Gillie suit? And if so what all did you use? And how did you make it?

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