Monster Hunter World: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Hammer

Hey folks, its clobberin’ time! Today we’re taking an in-depth look at the Hammer in Monster Hunter World. This guide covers hammer movesets, gear recommendations, and strategy.



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  1. Hey guys insect glaive is coming I promise. Tomorrow will probably be a For Honor video, and then I'll see if I can put the IG one out Friday.

  2. Hey quick question. Say you get a successful mount + KO, what's the quickest way to charge and start your big bang combo on the head? Is it possible to charge, roll, and the start your big bang? I'm new to hammer

  3. Good guide! Hammer sooooo satisfying and useful!

  4. I recently switched over from anjanath hammer to girros hammer and holy shit ami glad I did. The paralysis from me and my palico are so fucking good.

  5. Every time I watch your videos , i learn something new even if ive been using the weapon for a while. Its crazy how much i was missing lmao.

  6. Hey BouseFeenux! Could you do a review of the gun lance?

  7. Disagree on the element recommendations. Best hammers are nergigante and Diablo tree, simply brute raw damage, you can work around the negative affinities on Diablos Hammer (augmenting or skills)

  8. What's your favorite hammer loadout?

  9. As a person who only uses the hammer this is super helpful, BouseFeenux always coming through with the most helpful tips and information too.

  10. Hammer looks insane in this game. I already used it a little in 4, but it's just overly tempting in this one.

    I'm really sad that the Gun Hammer isn't in the game so far, it's really one of the best looking, the charge's spinning cylinder is just awesome to look at. Most of the hammers in world are really plain i feel.

    Huh, i guess big bang combo not being able to progress on whiff writes out trying to time the finisher on a sleeping monster.

  11. As a Goki main I knew this would be the weapon for me

  12. Have you tried the gloves that give you 30 crit when sliding down a slope for a short time? That plus the flipping attack of the hammer seem op but havnt looked to much at the numbers

  13. You didn't mention mushroom walls! You can charge the hammer and walk into a mushroom wall to run up it and do spinning air bludgeon. That's one of my favorite moves

  14. Hi, can you do a video on the hammer tree upgrade? I am a bit confused. Thanks!!!

  15. Thank you thank you thank you! This guide helped me out SO MUCH. Keep up the good work man!

  16. nice videos!very helpful!
    I watch on a mobile phone, and all the video name is cut into two, I can't see the main object of the title, as hammer, insect are all hidden, and the pic is covered by time number, I think it will be more comfortable if you change the title order, formation~

  17. Look at the views on FH vids en then the MH vids

  18. You should have ran up the mushroom wall for wall-bounce spin-smash!

  19. This was my first weapon I tried and i wreck shit lol

  20. Bouse you look like a fucking badass

  21. think you just made me a Hammer main

  22. Wait after 4 hits from the spin to win then press triangle/Y for max damage

  23. I main gunlance. GL is love, GL is life. GL is best girl

  24. Predicted tips
    1) power charge
    2) aim for head (to knock over)
    3) know which combos for which situation
    4)commit to combos
    5)you can roll mid charge
    6)don’t hit allies

  25. My friends quit playing the game cause it reminded them of Evolve. Track monster,hit monster, it runs Repeat.

  26. I want to love this game but there’s so much to dislike about it. Not to mention you can’t experience the game with a friend unless one of you have beat it before which is the dumbest shit ever

  27. Great video i love the hammer it is now my favorite weapon second to the switch axe. but good guide i learned a few things.

  28. Did the hammer shrink when you sheathed it? Sorry I was trying to pay attention to the combos but all I could see was the hammer shrinking.

  29. I'm new to the monster Hunter series and I gotta say the hammer is the one of the best weapons you could use. It's a very hard hitter, it can stagger and even knock down monsters easily for your team to capitalize on. It also has a good launch attacks from sliding down hills and jumping off ledges.

  30. Ever since the first game on PS2, Hammer was always one of those weapons that I'd use occasionally but never mained.

    Now in MHW it's one of my most used weapons. They added just enough to make it incredibly satisfying and deep to use without ruining the weapon's inherent simplicity.

    Regardless of whether you're a veteran hunter or a new one, I highly recommend checking it out. Hammer is fantastic in MHW.

  31. You can also do a run up walls with mushrooms and stuff when charging to go into midair spin attack

  32. "man i could never get into the hammer, im just bad with it" makes hammer guide u make me laugh a lot bouse lmao

  33. Hammer has always been an black horse of the weapons, its soooooooo good

  34. Your avatar/hammer dude looks sick 😷

  35. thanks Baus. super noob at MH and you've been helpful

  36. @Bousefeenux do a second charge and then press O that's a combo I use or if anything let's say you mount the monster when he falls run to him press triangle then start O combo it works very well for me and I get most or all my combo in on the monsters head with the back swing of the combo

  37. One move you didn't mention, and that I discovered yesterday by accident, is that you can do the mid air spinning meteor move by charging and pushing your character into shelf shaped mushrooms that grow on the treea

  38. Great video, I just switched to a hammer and I kept doing combos by accident and not knowing how to do them again Lol!

  39. I've played the hammer in most of the MH games, but haven't played MHW yet. Looks like I'm going back to it again! 🙂

  40. Hammer guide = hit head. Done.

  41. Good shit I'm actually considering Hammer due to all your praise

  42. For hammer, I go by one tactic and it’s just Charge 3 slam the head as much as a you can. That’s it

  43. Good thing I'm at school "learning" about garbage instead of enjoying some of this game

  44. This gave me quite an erection

  45. Good ol Sauron over here

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