Opening Day Duck Hunting 2012

Wild Wing Outdoors opening day of duck hunting! We hammer a limit of 32 ducks and a bonus goose in under 2 hours! Our bird dog Champs first duck hunt in the marsh, and he gets every bird! Check us out on Facebook to see all the pics and get the latest updates!


  1. As long as they eat the ducks afterwards, it's okay… crazy aim

  2. what kind of guns are you using?

  3. i hope you gave this dog a nive dinner treat he worked more than you

  4. Dogs, especially Labs, are happiest when they have a job. Bravo! Labradors are great dogs that love to serve.

  5. Hunting in itself is not bad. Mankind had to do it for thousands of years to survive. It is only when hunting is not carried out with the proper respect and humility, then it becomes a bad thing.

  6. What Ive Found is that Labradors are best for finding stuff and not stopping till they have it because mine dug a hole 60cm into the ground to find 10 mice

  7. this is bad you can practice shot on eagle and vulture

  8. can you make some awesome food with the duck please

  9. ducks are annoying af lol

  10. im watching only because of that dog he is soo good and well trained
    I love dogs

  11. For anyone that thinks hunting/killing ducks is bad, this is humanity, we humans are bad, we will never change, also, fresh ducks are so much more delicious than store bought shit

  12. what is the name of opening song?

  13. Great hunt guys and great video.

  14. แม่นดีนะ

  15. You got a hardworking dog man! Keep it up!

  16. I really enjoyed this vid. What a hunt!

  17. We measure our success by number of shots fired cause we never hit that many lol

  18. Holy crap you guys were on the X! Amazing hunt and amazing filming!

  19. nice shot's and you sissy-arse liberals think this is cruel. If they didn't love nature, they wouldn't be out there! I subscribed thx! 🙂

  20. What part of the country is this? Nice looking area

  21. Chip did all the work .guys i love that dog.good shooting.

  22. Good video you guys sharp shooters

  23. nice hunt i think you guys need 2 dogs. he started to run out of gas but he still had the drive. nice hunt

  24. That is a great dog! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. This is cruel. 
    I like KFC

  26. is there a limit to how may you can get in a season?

  27. What will you do with the ducks? Thats a lot of meat….

  28. smart dog man cool fucking fucks lol

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