Part 1 Basic Reloading of a Rifle Cartridge (223 Remington)

This video is made for those who are new to or looking to get info on the basic steps of reloading. The first part takes you from start to priming while the second part goes over charging the cases and seating the bullet.


  1. Doesn’t make sense how such a small piece of metal can kill a person

  2. Thank you for this video. I just got a reloading press for christmas and it made me feel a lot more safe about the process.

  3. Is there a to short or minimum size I have some brass that is trimmed a bit short so the overall length after seating the bullet to the crimp is 2.20

  4. what is it with people calling a caliper a micrometer……

  5. حد يعرفني المكنه دي وين تباع

  6. Before seating the new primer you need to clean the primer pocket with a small primer cleaning tool.  Also, if you are using military cases you need to cut always some of the primer crimp from the case to allow the new primer to seat properly.

  7. To
    You're not supposed to back it off 1/8 of a turn. You screw the die down until it touches the shell holder and turn it slightly more down so you can feel a slight "snap" in the die arm when you push the arm down. The rear of the case will not be flush with the case gauge doing it this way. I watched this video and they didn't fit the case gauge and had to resize all 200 cases.

  8. I grew up around guns my whole life. And got into reloading years ago. its really gotten a lot easier with all the information out there. When I started you had a Manuel and some old timer from Vietnam who lived down the street to guide you. I will say trimming my crimping buying all this extra stuff is not "necessary" to get started.. this video is bare bones. I know a lot of people I have meet at the range or in the city where I live who think a reloading station is going to cost a grand. He had all the stuff you absolutely needed. You might come across a case that is elogated and needs to be trimmed. Just throw it away if you don't have a trimmer. Measuring the powder and making sure the bullet is seated will go a long way. I have loaded shells that have been shot 4-5 times and done nothing more than the steps he just showed. Now. If you are going for extreme accuracy and extreme shiny bullet. Buy a scale that spits out the lid automatically. Buy a tumbler ultra sonic cleaners suck for cleaning brass or if you want to waste some time go for it. And get a better press. Too many people make videos with too many extra steps. Be safe though crimp and maybe clean and just follow these steps.

  9. I see you don't crimp,isn't it better for accuracy

  10. Watched Part 1 & 2. Thanks for taking the time to explain the process, it answered so many questions I had. Great job.

  11. What kind of primer do you use and where do I get it

  12. Yah dude, you need to cam over not back resizing/deprime die. Bring in till touches the case holder lower arm the bring die IN 1/8 turn to get cam over effect wich takes any play out. Without this your cases will never GO guage all the way. Now ask me how I know this. Lol

  13. You are correct with your comments about work hardening and cracks in cases, but you should also mention that annealing will re-soften the brass and extend useful case life significantly.

  14. Well here we are almost 5 yrs. later and your video is still great, very helpful and I'm glad I watched it, learned a lot and went back and checked with a bullet and realized I may not have gone all the way up with the brass while de-priming in order to re-size the neck. Just started reloading and buddy I'm watching your other video's 🙂 THANKS for the help, I'm hard of hearing and you come out loud and clear (and a lot of video's I have to strain to hear) and understandable.   Steve

  15. well…annealing the casings helps elongate the life of the case.

  16. well…annealing the casings helps elongate the life of the case.

  17. Why don't you lube the inside of the case throat?

  18. did that (example case) that was cracked. did you (or whoever had it) not anneal it? arnt you supposed too anneal and then re size? i am new too reloading and have no practice but ive been researching.

    surely i have a point but does it not matter with 223?

  19. RCBS states when setting up the re-szing die that you want to raise the ram till it touches the bottom of the die and then tighten an additional 1/4 turn so that you will have a cam action. I noticed that you backed it off an 1/8 of a turn with no identifiable cam action. Is there a reason that you did not get the cam action that RCBS recommends. thanks!

  20. I have a question and was hoping someone can help me out. I am new to hunting and really am interested in a 25/45 sharps ( I have a 308) as a general go to rifle and use my 308 for larger game as it kicks like a mule. I own a ar-15 in 223-5.56 but want a little more hitting power. This leads to my question 2 actually. (1) can you reload, or load a 25 caliber in the 223 cases and what do I need to do that? (2). Can you take a 223 bolt action rifle and put the 25/45 sharps barrel on it?

  21. Thank you, I just put my rock chucked together today and this video was just what I needed. Well done.

  22. bro, can i make 223 remington ammo to fire in 22 Lr gun, i like this ammo

  23. Really good it is hard to find a straight forward video the last one I watch he went on about painting

  24. Hi I am really green and thinking of getting into reloading. Do you need to tumble the brass? Also do you need to even clean it at all?

  25. AR 223/5.56  SHOULD RELOAD with SMALL BASE  DIE SET.  Your Die set is good for bolt rifles, but AUTOMATIC 223 needs SB DIE SET so that the brass doesn't get stuck in chamber.  ( Some barrels need SB Dies others don't )

  26. I thought u made a very nice video and did a great job narrating it.

  27. Not all "Gunny's" are that freaking anal. You can call your dial calipers any damn thing you want too. Excellent video, I've watched about 10 hours of this stuff, since I'm new to reloading. Thanks for posting and I'll be watching part two now.

  28. thanks for the video. it got me started when i got my rockchucker

  29. what kind of projectile are you using?

  30. hi all' im sure this has been descussed before and i have read a few tooics but have not found any info in what im about to ask' it seems everyone likes to get worked up when they hear about flash and out in there negative two cents about it' well to get this out of the way first i will inform every one that ive been a pyro all my life and made several different types of flash and even my own aluminum powder' i am very aware of how flash reacts confined and unconfined with many diffent types of compositions" not a " dumn pyro" or do things in an unsafe manner but i do like testing things and if they may seem unsafe i still carry out the task in a safe manner' if knowone ever did stuff like that than we wouldnt have half the technology we have today' here is my question' can flash propell a bullet faster than black powder or even smojless powder lit of by a precussion cap' i have read somewhere that blackpowder and even more so smokless produces way higher pressures than flash which is better for pushing and flash just burns hotter and way faster which brings its pressure up' but i beleive its not as high for the same amount of gunpowder' thats just what i read somewhere". now i do know flash will explode instead of push which means everything aroundit will blow up and i do not intend on ever loading a bullet with it' of course a gun will explode doing this' but givin the right circumstances like for example" say i have a 12" block of steel" and i drill a 9mm whole into it and pack it with flash and than top it off with a 9mm bullet' that means this cannon or what ever youwant to call it now has a wall thickness of over 11 inches' so there is no way on earth that this amount of flash will be able to burst open that thing' so this means all the explosive force will have to only go in one dirrection which is to proppel the bullet out' now i juat want to know this in a scientific understanding and not so i can go build one' so just wonderibg if this projectile would shoot out faster than if black powder was the charge' hope you experienced guys can put yur scientific theories or knowledge to this' im not looking for all the negativity that some like to say because they want to be supper safe' like i said" im not trying to load bullets witg this stuff' and on another note i did try one experiment with a mini cannon i had' which had a really thick wall thickness with a small load of flash' it was kno3 flash with aluminum which seemed to explode when barely confined but

  31. Very very helpful thank you !!!!

  32. Where do you get your projectiles and you powder.

  33. You forgot that you need collets and shell holder.

  34. im a beginner but have everything to get started. thank you for showing how to set up the dies, a lot of other videos leave that out.

  35. I thought after the die is touching the ram you go down further a quarter turn not back out some?

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