Sambar Deer Backpack Hunting Trip Day 2

The Second day of a week long Sambar Deer hunt in the High Country of Victoria, Australia. Join us and follow along on an adventure in a very special location.


  1. Top stuff mate cant wait for the next installment keep up the vood work👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  2. Keep 'em coming ? These videos are intriguing to be sure.
    Thanks for the video work.

  3. Absolutely love your videos Steve, great work once again.

  4. Very nice work mate. Appreciate all your effort.. its hard enough without the cam. Hanging for the next installment..

  5. Another great video, looking forward to day 3

  6. as always another awesome video , thanks again for the video !

  7. Am loving the new videos guys. Hanging for the next

  8. Steep country but what a view, beautiful country to hunt envious, thanks for sharing.

  9. Does anybody ever get lost in there? It looks like it goes on for ever . Thumbs up from EIRE a very small flat country compared to what i just saw of yours

  10. Great video mate, awesome country!

  11. Great video, i like the look of Ben's rifle setup, Sako Black Bear? I'm trying to decide between a black bear or Tikka super lite. Would love your opinion.

  12. That's so awesome. Amazing scenery. You blokes makenit look easy to find dear.

  13. How lucky are we to live in such a magnificent place. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That's what its about, Unearthing these elusive beasts in that big country! ripping Video!

  15. Another great video! Even though you didn't get a shot off, still great to enjoy the nature!

  16. absolute corker of a video

  17. Good hunting film, but please skip the music. A hunting or wilderness film should not have any music. You want to experience the nature.

  18. Well im convinced i want to go on a sambar hunt, i haven't been that interested in them that much but just watching your videos has got me thinking i would love to now maybe next year ,one of my brothers go's every second year so i may cach the boat a cross next year 😉 grate video again mate beautiful 👌👍

  19. That place would get you fit , beautiful.

  20. always enjoy your videos

  21. Good looking country, How many weeks ago was this trip ?

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