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  1. I would not trust that dimension one bit

  2. are you kidding with the ratty t-shirt and backward hat??? yeah.. I'm really going to listen to your opinion…. NOT

  3. Nice video but really nauseating music


  5. It looks like you’re at Gun World in Deerfield Beach. I shoot there all the time. Great range. Anyways, the Savage would be my choice. It’s cheaper, it has everything you need for accuracy and a muzzle break. The Savage would be mine.

  6. My favorite 308 is my ArmaLite AR-10 love it

  7. I'm getting the Mossberg MVP LC….

  8. This music is for homosexuals.

  9. Ruger American $300 or predator with thicker, shorter, and threaded barrel for $400.

  10. Why do you call yourself "tac-daddy"? You dont look like a daddy, more like a "junior"
    And tac? For tactical? Did you even serve your duty ?

  11. Man you don't know much about bolt action rifles!

  12. the gunworld here in Oklahoma really sucks. they're unprofessional and their prices are ridiculously high.

  13. 9mm is for weenies! its 460 rowland or nothing

  14. I am looking at the Remington 308. what I like about it is it is a 4+1 mag fed. I am a disabled vet and I am used to changing mags. In NJ I have to go with a long barrel.

  15. Savage model 10 with accustock and accutrigger and never look back. I reload so when I was working up to find the node my savage shot everything MOA or better but once I found the node it rips a ragged hole.
    I've got a couple of dimensions. My 7RM will put 3 shots in the same hole. For being a thin barrel it's incredible as far as consistency is concerned.

  16. thumbs down for stupid background music.

  17. u didnt buy a gun nice clickbait u were never planning to buy a gun wow

  18. check out Remington 783 300 win mag. last check 359.00 with scope…

  19. Turn your hat around. You're not 15

  20. It amazes me that people don't buy on the web and have shipped to local mom and pop ffl. That's how you save $$$$. Do an ffl search of your area and ask how much a transfer is… usually $25. You can literally save hundreds of dollars over big cabelas type stores .

  21. If your looking for a long range knock down centerfire rifle you got it right looking at a .308 because that pretty much all you need to knock down and penetrate just about anything out to 600 meters for a novice. The ruger hawkeye and ruger americans are good bolt guns in 308. On the ar10 automatic 308's the ruger sr762, DPMS, sig716 are good as well.
    No need for 300 win mag, 7mm mag, or .270's, you just need extended reach and the .308 has all of that with the ammo to be found about any where you go.
    Bolt guns i would not go above $875 in .308
    AR10 .308 automatics i would not go above $1700

  22. You probably drive a Subaru

  23. Buy a howa or Weatherby vanguard. Savage is junk

  24. Browning BAR .308 Stalker or FNAR .308 or ArmaLite AR10T are my recommendations.

  25. “…. as always, I`m out “ !!!!! Yes you are, with that crazy annoying `music`and the cap on backwards,….Tell me, is that supposed to be cool ?
    I watched this video, hoping to hear and see some of the rifles , but very disappointed .

  26. Turn off that stupid ass background music! Do a fucking gun review, if I wanted to listen to shit music, I would turn on the radio, you dipshit.

  27. Forgot to say ,get yourself a sako, tikka anschutz etc you will not regret it.

  28. Do yourself a favour,. turn the hat round ! the kids and grown ups are laughing at you.l couldn't possibly take a person seriously of your age looking like that ,very uncool !!.AND DEFINITELY NOT TAKE ANY ADVICE.

  29. нихуя не понял но здорово.

  30. I'm in the market for a .308 bolt action with scope.
    Did you ever decide what you thought was the best

  31. I can't hear because of the asshole in the background running their mouth. I wasn't really listening because only an idiot would wear a ball cap backwards and try to portray themselves as being a techie.People like you that don't know their ass from a hole in the ground cause people to shoot heir family members and neighbors, waste their money, and bring hostility toward the entire firearms owning community.

  32. Where can I find that soundtrack!!

  33. The Axis II and the Remington 783 for the cost actually shoot really well, it just depends on your budget,  Id take a TC Venture over the Dimension any day personally.  For the money a Howa 1500 is an awesome choice.

  34. Turn your cap around. Not cool

  35. That was a nice video. except for the screaming music over your voice.

  36. I will not buy anything that a glock fan suggests. Glock fans are like Seahawk fans….cocky, arrogant and ignorant.

  37. why did you not look at the Ruger American Rifle in 308 also.?Which is a great Rifle & priced right also.?

  38. whats the recoil like on a 308 bolt gun compared to say a ak47 or ar?

  39. Dont let Obama change your gun laws .. you wont buy them for nearly half that in Australia ket alone the ammo … over $2 for a bullet … keep your freedom fight for your rights because once they are gone its hard to shoot fir fun let alone hunt with big cal

  40. Omar, Yes they do a 716 DMR, Its heavy but it will lay out some very accurate firepower very fast,  And 1/4" moa is nothing to scoff at for sure, Its a 12#  Beast from the East and being piston driven its flawless

  41. Savage 10FCP-SR this is a fantastic rifle, You will not be disappointed

  42. Why most sniper rifles are bolt action? Do they come in semiautomatic?

  43. that remington 700 sps tactical was about $550 to much!

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