Slow Targets Down with Proper Gun Speed – Relative Velocity – Sporting Clays Tip

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School explains the concept of relative velocity as it applies to shotgunning and bird hunting. He says a targets speed will appear slower when the gun and the eyes properly match the speed of the target. Watch Gil’s tip and start breaking more clays! (NSSF Video)


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  1. Ready to shoot some "Burds" lol

  2. Man, if I have seen this video before went dove hunt last year, I wouldn't have shot 125 shell and bruised chest for 7 birds. Those 7 birds were about to land on my shot gun barrel that's why it got shot. This video really hyping me now.

  3. THATS HOW FAR OF A LEAD YOU NEED!!!! im new to dove hunting; 4 weekends into it and havent got a single one. when i shoot clays i have the habit of shooting them with my sight dead beside it, and it hurts me on the field. Ill get it though

  4. The preacher of dove hunting

  5. Great explanation and video graphics

  6. I️ shot sporting clays today for the second time and I️ hit 52 out of 100

  7. Merci, je comprend pourquoi je n'arrive pas a toucher les pigeons a la chasse.thanks for the video

  8. America:even if there is no fucking reason to shoot.they Shoot xD it!

  9. Very practical. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the tips. Just got my first taste of shooting a shotgun by way of sporting clays this past weekend. Had a blast and scored a 32 out of a possible 50. Have to say I am hooked and cant wait to get back out. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

  11. This has to be the most sarcastic instructor I ever seen, sentence starts with "yea" and ends with "yea", while he gives you the David Blaine eyebrow look each punch line.

  12. Firs I like to say is THANK YOU! I followed your video instructions and went from 2 birds a day last year to my limit this year and had the time of my life! Again thank you!

  13. Thank you so much for this great presentation Sir!

  14. I've just started CPS in the past few weeks and your videos are really helpful. This morning i did better and all because i made sure to follow your advice on gun mounting.

  15. But isn't this cutting the eyes over the barrel instead of where your nose is pointed?

  16. Thks for sharing,,is like when you`r with a car and meet a plane flying if u get the same speed u slow it down!

  17. so lets see how fast u can run when i am aiming at ur head

  18. Thank you for this video.  I was just introduced to the sport and I got hooked as soon as I broke my first 5.  Game On! (long road ahead 🙂 ).

  19. w8 u practice your aiming on Real Birds ? sick bastards !!!!!

  20. wow very good explanation

  21. Man, I know this should be obvious to me. But as soon as I get the shotgun in my hands, all useful thoughts leave me and I just try to do things like shoot off the trap arm, or wait in the spot where I want to shoot the clay.

  22. exactly what i was looking for

  23. Great illustration. Thank you for sharing the knowledge Gil.

  24. thanks it was very helpful

  25. you are killing lives what kind of sport is this,this sport should be ban

  26. Jolie video bien expliqué

  27. I am looking for a good skeet/trap video game we can play at home.  Please post if you know of one.

  28. Great information, thankyou sir.👍

  29. hello, veos videos and learned a lot. it is not to have schools in Spain shooting like that, a lot of these video grace. a hug for you

  30. Gun speed sure, but, you're leading the bird or clay. How much do you lead the target by?

  31. Thanks for this video. Excellent!

  32. I just thought this was stuff people automatically knew

  33. I've only been shooting for a couple of years but the best thing that ever happened to me was taking out the full choke and putting in an improved modified choke.

  34. i have a side by side, its a little more different from a over under. you have any tips?

  35. I've been hunting dove incorrectly my whole 8 years of hunting. Haha

  36. Wow Thks for sharing mate,it works on a clay targets too?

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