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Low Recoil Rifles and Ammo

Cartridges and ammo that won’t beat you up. This video goes over what qualifies as low recoil, the cartridges that are low recoil, recoil from different chambering, how to reduce recoil with either gun modifications or ammunition selection. It doesn’t take much time hanging out in a gun store to find a person who doesn’t know much about rifle making ...

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Outback Hunting Trip 2012-2013: Pigs and Goats

**Contains blood and vermin control. Do not watch if this will offend you!* Footage taken from Inverell and Dirranbandi. Participants include my older brothers Matt and Dylan Smith, my Dad Rob Smith and Matt’s girlfriend Leesa Hughes. Thank you for watching. Please leave a positive comment. All equipment information is in the video. ***Link to video competition*** http://c.northamericanhuntingcompetition.com/e/58/outback-hunting-trip-pigs-and-goats-2012-13

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