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VLOG – Axis Deer and Fishing Adventures

VLOG – Axis Deer and Fishing Adventures Thus week on Vlogging with Keith Warren, Keith and Matti are on an axis deer hunt, and then keith goes fishing out at Choke Canyon. Due to the policies of mainstream social media platforms not supporting our outdoor lifestyle, please subscribe to our website www.highroadhunting.com in the event that our accounts are removed. ...

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Unbelievable .50 BMG Whitetail Deer Hunt

Unbelievable .50 caliber BMG whitetail doe hunt! Join Keith as he tests out the power of a .50 caliber BMG on a whitetail doe hunt. You wont believe what happens to this deer and the results will shock you! Every successful person has a mentor, a coach, someone they can trust and turn to for guidance. Keith Warren is that ...

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