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Best Hunting Stand for Beginners

Coyote Bob shows how to choose the best hunting stand for coyote hunting, Hmmm, might make sense for all hunters. Good advice mixed with a dash of humor. Known for his expert advice and tips for bowhunters and calling coyotes in close for a shotgun hunt, Coyote Bob shares with the viewers his hunt stand #21. Coyote Bob loves hunting ...

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Pheasant Hunting – Gearing up for the hunt – Part 2

Pheasant Hunting – Gearing up for the hunt – Part 2 – This episode covers the gear that you must have and some of the gear that is a “nice to have”. Pheasant hunting does not require a ton of gear like camping, it is a simple and fun activity that you can do with your friends or family. Check ...

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Pheasant Hunting Equipment

Pheasant Hunting Equipment – John Huber from Picabo Angler A local shop, now called Picabo Angler, wanted a video to promote the sport of Pheasant Hunting and what equipment you should bring. Why? So people will come into their shop and buy pheasant hunting equipment. It’s a great subtle way of marketing and keeping people tuned in to your business.

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