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Firearms vs Archery – Episode 6 – Turkey Hunting for Beginners

In this episode, we discuss the differences between using archery and firearms as well we point out the advantages and disadvantages of each. Its important that you practise no matter what you hunt with. Proficiency is so important! In the next episode we cover concealment and how important it is when turkey hunting. Thanks for watching and as always… Keep ...

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Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Buy The Swiss Arms Black Eagle http://www.replayairsoft.com/cybergun-licensed-airsoft-guns/swiss-arms-black-eagle-m6-sniper-rifle Buy The Mauser SR http://www.replayairsoft.com/cybergun-licensed-airsoft-guns/mauser-sr-spring-bolt-action-sniper-rifle Buy The Blaser R93 http://www.replayairsoft.com/cybergun-licensed-airsoft-guns/blaser-r93-tactical-sniper-spring-rifle Chris Trivane and Roxxi cover the basics on Sniper rifles for Airsoft. Replay Sports is located at 550 Crain Highway North (Units 12 & 13) Glen Burnie MD. (443) 883-3670 Visit our website at www.replayairsoft.com for more info Like us on facebook.com/ReplayAirsoft

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