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Lightweight Hunting Rifles with Chris Barrett | SHOT 2017

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing has usually been more concerned with Military and LE customers than the hunting crowd. Until recently that is, with the company brining to market their Fieldcraft line of extremely lightweight hunting rifles in a multitude of calibers. Coming in at around five pounds per rifle, the design has really shaved weight from a traditional hunting set up. ...

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5 Best Surplus Rifles Under $500

Today we discuss 5 (or 6) great military surplus rifles that can be had for under $500. Sometimes you need to take a break from modernity to get a whole new great shooting experience! Guns in this video: Lee Enfield Mauser 98 Swiss K31 MAS 49/56 SKS Mosin Nagant Type 56 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle Overview” → ...

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