The Top 10 Best Deer Hunting States – and Worst! From North to South, Deer & Deer Hunting’s Dan Schmidt reveals the Top 10+ deer hunting states and explains why in this epic episode of Deer Talk Now. Learn more about deer behavior, distribution and hunter success rates for all regions, then discover which states are best. Is yours on the list? Bonus: The Worst Deer Hunting States in America and the Top 3 Underrated States. Also, what is the dirty little secret in Texas? Add your deer hunting insights by clicking on the comment button below! Deer Talk Now. Season 4. Episode 115. Original air date: 4/15/15.


  1. I agree with Missouri. I hear northern Missouri is pretty good but I’ve seen deer at public parks here in southwest Missouri. Obviously I’m not gonna shoot them on property that’s not mine or have permission to hunt on but I’ve seen them around stores and not to deep into town mostly on the edges.

  2. WHAT? How about Kansas? We got the biggest average deer in the mid west. But how come it not make it in to top 10?

  3. Less hunters in Kansas is good with me. I shoot a 130 or bigger every year. No statistics will ever show it. Because I process it all myself.

  4. the Sangamon river valley , the south fork , salt creek , and the mackinaw . the land where giants dwell. out of staters , and other foreigners , please stay out.

  5. I've hunted North Wi (Big Timber)Public Land, For 42 years and when i was a kid I Would see 20-30 deer a day, And now with a group of 7 guys we don't see that in a week. Also Baiting on public land is destroying the the quality fair chase hunt, It's all about selling tags and DNR Funds it's no longer about hunting and deer management.

  6. When you named the worst states, I thought you meant from a legal standpoint.

  7. You have to realize that there are states like WV packed with deer, but have some of the worst numbers on reporting due to the people who live there.

  8. Just out of curiosity do you take into account state laws as well and how that affects the amount of deer killed in that area. I would imagine state that could leave corn out and hunt with rifles would have a better chance of killing and recording deer than states that can only use shotguns and can't leave corn out. Might only be a marginal difference but could still be a difference.

  9. Thank you sir, for a good simple analysis of the ratio between numbers of deer killed and the numbers of hunters. The information is outstanding. Thanks for your research and for your honesty.

  10. Anywhere in the midwest is good deer hunting state

  11. As many hunters as possible but no where for handycap…..

  12. Lmao you may have 750k hunters from those states… But i can tell you this they dont just hunt their home states…. Colorado gets a shit ton of out of state hunters and trophy deer…. Nebraska has a check your deer killed every year..

  13. This is facts people! Can't argue with Black and White!

  14. Are you aware there are US states west of the Great Plains 😉 the regional elitism of the Eastern half of the country never ceases to astound me. You realize there are species of deer other than whitetail ?

  15. Nothing on North Carolina??? Oh wait y'all couldn't come here and kill a big doe 😂

  16. I have not hunted Ohio in 6 years, no. of deer you can take are allotted by counties. 1 buck is all you are allowed but you can take, 1 to 3 does can be added depending on what county you hunt in. All though I now several farmers in Southern Ohio and NW ohio who get allotted special permits to take deer out of season of a dozen or more due to crop damage.Again these are usually does and spike or button bucks. Land owners are allowed 1 deer per family member and Amish families can take a heavy toll. These deer are seldomly recorded.

  17. These numbers are total bullshit. I live in pa. And the harvest rate is no where near what he's claiming.

  18. numbers mean nothing if you are a land owner that does not report deer harvests, when i was stationed in Virginia the limit was 2 deer per day (late 1990's), either sex, they used dogs to run the deer, and the season ran from 15 September until 31 December, and the DMV still recorded over 500,000 road kill deer.

  19. every state that has deer in it is the best state, if you do your homework… and i only have an opportunity to hunt public land

  20. Great, every state AROUND Indiana except the Hoosier State where I live. that sucks although this is interesting. I wonder why that is.

  21. All I know is that the U.P is complete trash. Everyone is a meat hunter. They let people shoot two bucks, it makes no management sense whatsoever. The herd sex ratio is absolutly out of whack.

  22. Well yah more deer are harvested in Michigan because "brown it's down." People aren't going to Kansas, Iowa, and Kentucky to shoot spike bucks…

  23. I have been hunting for 20+ years in northen Michigan. And the new deer management program has made for bigger bucks. It is normal to go out and see lots of big deer.

  24. That is what every year I say about my vacation time my money and hunt out of state

  25. I live in Michigan can you are exactly right you talking about Michigan it's a great place to hunt but the DNR has no idea what they're doing

  26. I will just say this about Texas. Every person that I know who hunts killed a deer last year, 100% of my hunting friends and family got their deer and most of them two or more. We get 5 tags for whitetail and 2 for Muledeer so harvest may not be 100% of the hunters get a deer but we kill multiple. Some of my friends shoot 5 whitetail per year in the Hill Country area. Not to mention the pure size difference when comparing states and the weather conditions. Texas has very little winter kill so populations are incredible. I like this guy but no doubt he favors his home area. Where I hunt is not even one of the better counties, its only 300 acres and we have 140" to 160" bucks every year. I think he missed a lot of the best hunting states. I love your show, keep up the good work Deer and Deer Hunting.

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  28. Dude my brothers friend just dropped a 27 point biggest buck in Pennsylvania it scored 233 and I got to hold that buck it was awesome

  29. Anybody else notice a lot of the thousands are in Millions and millions are in billions.

  30. Indiana and Kentucky aren't in top ten? lol  from personal experience ill hunt those 2 states over Michigan Illinois and Wisconsin any day of the week.

  31. I saw that post and I had the exact same reaction

  32. it is very well known that cold weather should not be a contributing factor on whether it is a good hunt or not. The only way I would say weather would really bother me during hunting is when there is fog or a thunderstorm.

  33. This is an interesting way of analyzing the top deer hunting states. The trouble with ranking states on "best" deer hunting ultimately comes down to what each individual defines "best" as. The "best hunting" for me involves seeing a lot of deer each hunt, having very little hunting pressure in the surrounding areas, and consistently encountering mature bucks. Given my criteria for what the "best hunting" is, you can agree that Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York are not likely to find their way into the top 10. That is the beauty of it, though. If we, as hunters, all thought the same and had the same opinions, we would be worse off in the long run.

  34. Texas is the best state to hunt deer, I usually kill over 160+

  35. thank you for giving us New York hunters some cred some think that they are the only ones with good deer thanks you

  36. This is a stupid video. New York and PA have awful deer hunting. You didn't even mention kentucky iowa or indiana, those are the best states

  37. Watched this video right after reading that "Worst State" article. Great video, and glad it was a video instead of an article as it was a lot to soak in. Thanks.

  38. Thank you for this video and taking the time to compile this information. I've lived and hunted in Wisconsin my whole life and was shocked to see it along with Michigan on the supposed worst ten list. I've never deer hunted outside of Wisconsin and I don't really see a need or want to.

  39. there is no way iowa isn't on this list what a joke lmao

  40. I will trade a Michigan tag for an Iowa any day, and all I hunt is public land.

  41. I'm kinda glad that my state isn't mentioned. I see bucks in the 120"+ range every season. Most seasons I'll see 140"+ range.

  42. Iowa
    South Dakota

  43. What about West Virginia, Virginia or maryland. I all ways hear bout what the mid west or the south are doing what about the 3 states. Dose no one like use. IM JUST SAYING

  44. Here in Alabama you are supposed to call and report every deer you kill out of the 7 people I hunt with only 2 actually call in lol

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