What You Need to Start Reloading Rifle Ammunition – a Walkthrough

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Full story and list on http://ultimatereloader.com – Interested in reloading rifle ammunition for your bolt action, your AR-15, or your AR-10 rifle? This walkthrough will give you an idea of what equipment, components, and supplies you’ll need to get started.
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  1. anyone have any information on Vectan 5000 & 7000 for loading 270 Winchester. ASAP

  2. Excellent video – as a beginner, this video is a must watch for me. Heading over to your website now… Thanks!

  3. Do you think a digital scale is a necessity. I’m interested in 6.5 creedmoor for accuracy. The kit I’m looking at is RCBS rock chucker supreme. It comes with a manual scale. They also have the charge master system. If I get both Ill have 2 scales, 1 manual and 1 digital And I’ll also have a powder throw that I want need. What is your suggestion?

  4. Super informative video as I’m just getting into this and greatly appreciate you taking the time to help guys like myself out. Cheers

  5. So that was the hornady quick change bushings on a rcbs press there? They all work well together?

  6. You do a great job explaining. Should I get single stage or just use 550.

  7. I was gonna start loading test rounds. I cant decide on which bench rifle. Was looking at savage fcp sr or stealth

  8. 6.5 i was thinking

  9. Hi. I have Dillon 550. Which primer set up. Would it be large primer set up like for 45 acp. And is it same pick up tube as large pistol. Thank you for the video.

  10. How mutch would a set up cost for .270 ammo

  11. Thanks for the vid I'm interested in reloading 6.5CM, and .50AE, the articles on ultimate reloader are great too 👍

  12. With children, full time job and lots of on going projects, time is at a premium. As my interest in reloading grows, your channel is the only one I watch. You always get right to the point, you use plain language, you are very clear and precise in your explanation and narratives. Also the production value of your content is top shelf.
    Most guys rely on the camera microphone and have a sloppy bench. Your audio is clear and balanced making it easy for the viewer to learn as they do not have to strain to hear. A clean and organized bench makes for a great presentation because the eye naturally falls on you or the item your working with rather than the mess on the wall.

    Over all, excellent content. I truly appreciate the hard work you put into your channel!

  13. Imagine how many bullets you could have purchased with the money you spent on all that equipment

  14. Your video is great I'm about to start my purchases and was looking thru videos yours is one of the best thank you

  15. Do you need a case trimmer with once fired brass?

  16. This video is exactly what I was looking for until you mentioned that conversion kit right at the beginning. " will this press work without the conversion?" "should I order this press without the conversion?" "if I order the conversion, will I order the right one or one for another press?" "Do i need any specific tools to install the conversion?" I guess I shouldn't be reloading.

  17. Thanks for this info! I'm considering getting a rifle, but I already know that I won't be able to shoot regularly (I'm thinking once a week or once every two weeks) so I think I would almost NEED a press for it to be cost effective.

  18. Great video. is there any safety concern about brass that has hairline cracks not easily visible? Which make of press is the best for the money?

  19. If you must lubricate inside the case neck use graphite. Case lube does not play well with gunpowder and or primers.

  20. I would only add the optional accessories for your calliper for shoulder case to measure the headspace. OAL and neck size are important, but just as much as shoulder… My 2¢

    PS: But great video!!

  21. How many times can a shell be reused?

  22. Could you show me what you used for the gulleys on the table to allow you to slide your press and what not side to side?

  23. does Redding not make a case activated powder measure that is utilized from the turret similar to the Lee or Hornady ones?  it seems like the Redding powder measures are all bench mounted and separate from the turret press.

  24. As always, excellent instructional videos. Very impressive. The reloading manual needs to be added as a "must have" item.

  25. Very good video. Great information.
    Thank you!

  26. i would suggest a bullet puller just in case 🙂 either the hammer or the press version

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